What is a Pilot License Extension (PLEX) and how does it work?

What are PLEX?
A Pilot License Extension (PLEX) is an item that adds 30 days of game time to your EVE Online account. It can be converted from any game time code and, like any other item; it can be traded on the EVE market.

Why use a PLEX?
PLEX offers an alternative way for players to pay for their subscription without the use of our more conventional payment methods. Using PLEX, pilots can earn game time simply by playing EVE.

PLEX can be used by players regardless of the type of account they have. When you activate a PLEX, the extra time is added to your account immediately. In this respect, PLEX works exactly like a prepaid game time code.
If you are currently using a Trial Account, your account is converted to a full active paying account and the 30 days of game time are added onto the remaining days left in your trial period.
If you are on a recurring subscription, the 30 days of game time are added onto your account and your recurring billing will resume after the 30 days provided by the PLEX have passed.

What else is PLEX used for?
Players can the EVE Online Character Transfer service with PLEX.
Players can use our Character Resculpt service with PLEX.
Players can convert PLEX into Aurum and use this Aurum to make purchase in the Noble Exchange, currently offering apparel and cosmetic accessories for character avatars.
Players can use our Multiple Character Training service with PLEX.

Obtaining PLEX:
Simply visit http://evehost.net/plex - want an even easier way to get there? Just type eve.codes in your web-browser. Magic :-)

NOTE: PLEX purchases may have up to a hour delay before they are placed into your redeeming system; even after this hour delay some players find that they need to restart their game client prior to them showing up.

Useful information on PLEX:
You can purchase PLEX bundles of 1, 2, 6, 12, and 28.
Each PLEX is worth 30 days of game time.
Payment methods able to purchase PLEX are PayPal (including eCheque / bank transfers through PayPal) and Credit Cards.

Activating a PLEX via Account Management:
If you have an account that is disabled and a PLEX in the redeeming system you are able to use that PLEX to reactivate your account.
1. Log into "Account Management".
2. Hover over the “Game Time” drop down tab.
3. Select “Activate Code"
3. Copy and paste your PLEX code from the email we sent you in to the box on the screen and press "Next".

Moving a PLEX back to the redeeming system (Reverse Redeeming)
If you have a PLEX that is currently in game you can move it to redeemable items by right clicking the PLEX and select 'Return to redeem items'. This way the account can be reactivated at a later date by following the steps described above.

NOTE: Once a PLEX has been redeemed the PLEX is only ever able to be returned to the game at the location the PLEX was originally redeemed if the Reverse Redeeming option has been used.

Tips: If you normally pay for your account with PLEX, it is recommended that you reverse redeem at least one PLEX so you are always able to instantly reactivate your account through the web site account management interface.

Redeeming a PLEX while in game:
Launch EVE Online.
On the Character select screen select the “Redeem Items” icon.
A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the character/station the PLEX will be delivered to.
Log into the game client on the character you selected the PLEX to be delivered to and your PLEX will be in game.
Step by step directions with screen shots are found here.

How to inject PLEX as game time in game:
In order to use the PLEX to add subscription to your account, right click on the PLEX item while it is located in your personal hangar and select "Activate PLEX".

Then select "Add" and then quickly select "Confirm" for the 30 days of game time service.

You will see that the 30 days from the PLEX has been activated with the expiration date of the PLEX applied game time.

PLEX can be activated anywhere in the universe as long as they are in your personal hangar or in your ship. Search for PLEX in the assets window, then activate the PLEX. PLEX cannot be activated from corporation hangars or from within containers.

In Game Rules:
PLEX can be placed in private hangars, corporate hangars, in contracts, on the market and into direct trade windows.
PLEX can be placed inside ships and containers, however if a PLEX is inside a ship when that ship is lost in combat then the PLEX may be looted or destroyed.

WARNING: PLEX exist as any other asset in EVE Online and are subject to the same in game rules. As they are treated as regular in-game items with regards to market orders and contracts. Scams are easily avoidable by careful scrutiny of market orders and contracts and we urge anyone to be alert when dealing in PLEX.

As with any policy, these CCP rules and guidelines are subject to change if deemed necessary.


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