Why is my order classed as high risk?

We want to process your order immediately with the minimum of hassle, so we have sophisticated fraud detection mechanisms in place which allow over 98% of orders to be processed instantly and automatically. Under 2% of customers fail these automatic checks, which means the order is classed as a higher risk. We determine the likelihood that a transaction is high risk based on many factors, including whether an online transaction comes from a high risk IP address, high risk email, high risk device, or anonymizing proxy. We are also connected to a wider fraud detection network of other online retailers (over 7,000 e-commerce businesses), which allows us to establish the reputations of IP addresses, emails, and other parameters. In addition to this, we also use a Telephone Number Identification (TNI) service, which is able to categorize the customer inputted phone numbers into 13 different phone types such as fixed land line, mobile, VoIP, and invalid phone numbers. In some cases, we can also geolocate the telephone number to see whether this matches the billing address location.

Where the order is high-risk, we attempt to place an automated telephone call to the telephone number provided. This automated call provides you with a 4 digit code, which you then need to enter on the screen as part of the checkout process. If we are unable to call the number provided, or you do not answer the telephone call, we are unable to establish whether the telephone number provided is geniune. As a result, the automatic provisioning of the order is halted.

In these situations, we'd still like to get you setup as quickly as possible. If you simply missed the telephone call, or couldn't get to your telephone in time and you wish to try again, simply place a new order (we'll automatically cancel this order within a couple of hours). If you need to update your telephone number, then please update it via the Client Portal (https://manage.evehost.net/clientarea.php?action=details). Please do not include the country code, or any symbols (dashes or brackets) in your telephone number. The telephone number must be located in the same country as your billing address. Once your details have been updated, you can go ahead and just place another order.

If you're not able to receive our telephone call, then we'll need you to email us with a scan of your government issued identification. The name on the Government ID must match the name on your credit card.

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